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Per Marstad

Year: 2004

Price: 35.00

Size: A4

74, with approx. 140 colour photographs


Russula in the Nordic countries

Marstad, P.

The Norwegian specialist Per Marstad edited and published this booklet, dedicated to the Nordic species of the genus Russula.
It is not a real monograph, but rather a photographic atlas dealing with the genus Russula in the Scandinavian countries.

The author gives a brief overview of the genus and some notes on the determination of the species. The following pages present the species found by the author during many years of study in Norway and in the adjacent countries, often in cooperation with the Finnish specialists Juhani Ruotsalainen and Jukka Vauras.

The species illustrated in this work are 137: for each of them a colour picture is given, together with some short notes pointing out the most important characters; the taxa are arranged following the systematic division of the Nordic Macomycetes flora, and within each group alphabetically.

The photographs are of alternate quality, from very good to poor, and it is to be regretted that some of them could not be given a proper printing quality; several species show very strong blue or greenish casts, and this is a serious drawback for a work which heavily relies on iconography.

The Russula enthusiast will find an additional useful reference in this work, which is unfortunately rather expensive.

Marco Floriani