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Dirk Stubbe

Dirk Stubbe

Dirk Stubbe

Ghent University
Department of Biology
Research Group Mycology
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
B-9000 Gent

Dirk Stubbe (b. 1978) is a Ph.D. student at Ghent University, focussing on the species of Lactarius subgenus Plinthogalus, a rather well-defined subgenus with members both in tropical and temperate continents. Relatively few species were described from Southeast Asia, so part of his project aims at increasing the number of known species from this region. Another part tries to create systematical order in this subgenus of over 80 species, by using multiple molecular markers.

He discovered his interest for mycology during a high school project on mushrooms. After his studies of agronomic engineering, he decided to take on the studies of biology and to make his Master’s thesis on a herbarium collection of Malaysian Lactarius specimens. This resulted in a larger project which has become his current Ph.D. study.

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

Wang, X.-H., Stubbe, D. & Verbeken, A. (2012) – Lactifluus parvigerardii sp. nov., a new link towards the pleurotoid habit in Lactifluus subgen. Gerardii (Russulaceae, Russulales). Cryptog. Mycol. [IPNI] 33 (2): 181-190.

Stubbe, D., Wang, X.-H. & Verbeken, A. (2012) – New combinations in Lactifluus. 2. L. subg. Gerardii. Mycotaxon [IPNI] 119: 483-485.

Stubbe, D. & Verbeken, A. (2012) – Lactarius subg. Plinthogalus: the European taxa and American varieties of L. lignyotus re-evaluated. Mycologia [IPNI] 104 (6): 1490-1501.

[The European species of Lactarius subg. Plinthogalus were subjected to a molecular phylogenetic analysis based on ITS, LSU and rpb2 sequences. Morphological characters of the species are discussed in the light of the phylogenetic results. In addition to a broad sampling within Europe, some Asian and North American taxa also were included in the analysis. Eight European species are confirmed molecularly: L. lignyotus, L. acris, L. azonites, L. pterosporus, L. ruginosus, L. romagnesii, L. fuliginosus and L. picinus. Except the sibling species L. fuliginosus and L. picinus, all are morphologically distinct. Our results suggest that L. fuliginosus is associated exclusively with broadleaf trees and L. picinus with conifers, but this putative difference in host specificity needs to be investigated further. Lactarius subruginosus turns out to be a synonym of either L. pterosporus or L. ruginosus. The position of Lactarius terenopus remains to be clarified. The North American taxa that are closely related to the European L. lignyotus (L. fallax, L. lignyotus var. canadensis, var. nigroviolascens, var. marginatus) are not resolved. Intercontinental conspecificity was demonstrated between Europe and northern Asia but was not found between Europe and southern Asia or between Europe and North America. A taxonomic subdivision of L. subg. Plinthogalus based on the height of the spore ornamentation should be rejected.]

Stubbe, D., Le, H.T., Wang, X.-H., Nuytinck, J., Van de Putte, K. & Verbeken, A. (2011) – The Australasian species of Lactarius subgenus Gerardii (Russulales). Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 52: 141-167.

Van de Putte, K., Nuytinck, J., Stubbe, D., Le, H.T. & Verbeken, A. (2010) – Lactarius volemus sensu lato (Russulales) from northern Thailand: morphological and phylogenetical species concepts explored. Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 45: 99-130.

[Description of Lactarius acicularis, L. crocatus, L. distantifolius, L. longipilus, L. pinguis, L. vitellinus.]