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Huyen Le Thanh

Huyen Le Thanh

Huyen Le Thanh

Mushroom Research Center
128 Mo3 Ban Phadeng, P. Papae
Maetaeng, Chiang Mai 50150
Thailand 2003-2008

Huyen Le Thanh is a Vietnamese student studying at Chiang Mai University. She completed her education in Hanoi, Vietnam. She obtained her B.Sc. in biotechnology from Hanoi Open University; this thesis was on methods to control microorganisms on banana in Northern Vietnam. At the beginning of her student life she discovered a great interest the microbiological world and worked a.o. with mangrove fungi in Northern Vietnam. She left Vietnam to Thailand to complement her ambition to obtain a Doctoral degree in fungal diversity under the supervision of Dr. Saisamorn Lumyong and Dr. Dennis Desjardin. She works in the Mushroom Research Centre in Chiang Mai for her PhD on the genus Lactarius from Northern Thailand and Vietnam. That she is enthousiastic Lactarius collector is obvious from this picture - but she is as enthousiastic in the lab behind her microscope and she is also planning some molecular work on the Thai and Vietnamese collections.

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

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Van de Putte, K., Nuytinck, J., Stubbe, D., Le, H.T. & Verbeken, A. (2010) – Lactarius volemus sensu lato (Russulales) from northern Thailand: morphological and phylogenetical species concepts explored. Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 45: 99-130.

[Description of Lactarius acicularis, L. crocatus, L. distantifolius, L. longipilus, L. pinguis, L. vitellinus.]

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Le, H.T., Nuytinck, J., Verbeken, A., Desjardin, D.E. & Lumyong, S. (2007) – Lactarius in Northern Thailand: 1. Lactarius subgenus Piperites. Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 24: 173-224.