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Leticia Montoya Bello

Leticia Montoya Bello

Leticia Montoya Bello

Instituto de Ecología
Km 2.5 antigua carretera a Coatepec no. 351
Congregación El Haya, C.P. 91070
Xalapa, Veracruz (México)

Leticia Montoya obtained her PhD at the University of Alcala, Spain, with a taxonomic revision of Lactarius in Mexico supported by a comparison with North American types and European collections. She continues the study of Lactarius in Mexico and adjacent areas, documenting the variation of local populations, their status, uses and interactions with native flora. She develops continuous field work in Mexico, more recently in Costa Rica and is studying collections from other countries. Leticia got involved with the study of macrofungi at the beginning of her university studies with Victor M. Bandala, her husband, in fact they met because they shared the same microscope (!) and attraction by fungi, in collaboration they explore tropical and mountain forests from the Gulf of Mexico Area and have published about 60 papers, some of them on Lactarius. Leticia is a titular researcher of the Laboratory of Biodiversidad y Sistemática de Hongos and associated researcher of XAL Herbarium at Instituto de Ecología, Xalapa (Mexico).

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

Montoya, L., Bandala, V.M., Haug, I. & Stubbe, D. (2012) – A new species of Lactarius (subgenus Gerardii) from two relict Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana populations in Mexican montane cloud forests. Mycologia [IPNI] 104 (1): 175-181.

[Lactarius fuscomarginatus, sp. nov., is described in detail and compared with similar species; notes are given about L. gerardii var. gerardii, L. gerardii var. fagicola, L. gerardii var. subrubescens, L. bicolor.]

Montoya, L. & Bandala, V.M. (2008) – A new species and new records of Lactarius (subgenus Russularia) in a cloud forest from eastern Mexico. Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 29: 61-72.

[Description of Lactarius strigosipes.]

Montoya, L. & Bandala, V.M. (2005) – Revision of Lactarius from Mexico. Additional new records. Persoonia [IPNI] 18 (4): 471-483.

[Description and line drawings of Lactarius deceptivus (= L. tomentosomarginatus), L. luteolus (= L. echinatus), L. rimosellus.]

Montoya, L. & Bandala, V.M. (2004) – Lactarius subgenus Piperites: a new species and a new name. Mycotaxon [IPNI] 89 (1): 47-54.

Das, K., Sharma, J.R. & Montoya, L. (2004) – Lactarius in Kumaon Himalaya 3: A new species of subgenus Lactifluus. Mycotaxon [IPNI] 90 (2): 285-290.