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Patrick Reumaux

Patrick Reumaux

Patrick Reumaux

84, avenue de Wagram
F-75017 Paris

Patrick Reumaux is Associate Professor in sociology and communication at the University Paris Saint-Denis, in Paris, France.

He is the author of over fifteen novels and anthologies (collections of poems), such as 'Ailleurs au monde' and 'Jeanne aux chiens' (Ed. Gallimard), or 'Le venin des Borgia' and also 'Inamorata' (Ed. Phébus). He obtained the Max Jacob price for poetry in 1982. He is also a much appreciated translator of numerous books and anthologies from various Anglo-Saxon authors such as Flann O'Brien or Mervyn Peake and the American poetess Emily Dickinson.

Patrick Reumaux is of course better known in mycology for his work on Cortinarius (in particular his Atlas des cortinaires, of which the 14th volume is in preparation) and Inocybe and, more recently, the genus Russula (Russules rares et méconnues, 1996, and Les Russules émétiques, 2003).

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

Frund, C. & Reumaux, P. (2011) – Eléments pour une monographie des Russules de l'Argonne ardennaise. Cahiers de la FMBDS 1. : 128 pp..

Bidaud, A., Carteret, X. & Reumaux, P. (2010) – Sur quelques russules appartenant aux Viridantes Melzer & Zvára et aux Melliolentineae Singer. Bull. Mycol. Bot. Dauphiné-Savoie [IPNI] 49 (197): 9-30.

[Description and illustration of R. personata, sp. nov., R. personata var. lathrea, var. nov., R. dryophila, R. dryophila var. osmera, var. nov.]

Carteret, X. & Reumaux, P. (2006) – Xérampélines des feuillus de la plaine. Première partie. Bull. Soc. Mycol. France [IPNI] 121 (3-4): 221-253.

[Description of Russula attenuata, R. conicipes, R. parva, R. pudica, R. purpureo-olivascens.]

Carteret, X. & Reumaux, P. (2004, publ. 2005) – Russules vertes ou jaunissantes. Bull. Soc. Mycol. France [IPNI] 120 (1-4): 199-213.

[Description, line drawings and photographs of Russula heterophylla f. pseudoochroleuca, f. nov., R. heterophylla var. chloridicolor, var. nov., R. heterophylla f., R. viridicans, nom. nov. (= R. heterophylla f. viridis), R. ochroviridis; notes about R. grisea var. xanthochlora.]

Reumaux, P. (2004, publ. 2005) – Fantômes à suivre. Bull. Soc. Mycol. France [IPNI] 120 (1-4): 105-117.

[Description, line drawings and colour plates of Russula lilacinocremea; notes about R. clementinae, R. densifolia var. colletarum.]