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Slavomir Adamcik

Slavomir Adamcik

Slavomir Adamcik

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SK-842 23 Bratislava

Slavo is currently working on Russula sect. Xerampelinae - nomenclature, taxonomy, morphometric studies. He is going to continue in taxonomy revision of other groups of Russula in Europe after completing his study on Xerampelinae. He is also working on an important revision of North American Russulae together with Bart Buyck.

At the same time he is exploring the biodiversity of all agarics in Slovakia, through his own excursions and his work on the checklist of fungi of Slovakia.

Slavomir has recently joined the Russulales News team and is actively working to complete the database of Russula names and descriptions. Welcome aboard!

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

Adamcík, S. & Buyck, B. (2010) – Re-instatement of Russula levyana Murrill as a good and distinct American species of Russula section Xerampelinae. Cryptog. Mycol. [IPNI] 31 (2): 119-135.

[Type studies of R. levyana, R. floridana and R. praerubriceps reveal that they are three distinct taxa and that of these 3 species, only R. levyana belongs in sect. Xerampelinae. This species is redescribed and illustrated based on recent collections from Texas.]

Adamcík, S., Mitchell, D. & Buyck, B. (2010) – Russula ochrifloridana, sp. nov., a new yellowish fishy Russula from Florida and its comparison with R. grundii. Cryptog. Mycol. [IPNI] 31 (4): 363-372.

[Description, line drawings and photograph of R. ochrifloridana sp. nov.; description of R. grundii, with notes about R. subrubens and R. levyana.]

Adamcík, S., Christensen, M., Heilmann-Clausen, J. & Walleyn, R. (2007) – Fungal diversity in the Poloniny National Park with emphasis on indicator species of conservation value of beech forests in Europe. Czech Mycol. 59 (1): 67-81.

[Annotated list of species occurring in the park, including records and notes about Lactarius romagnesii and Russula aurora.]

Adamcík, S., Ripková, S. & Zaliberová, M. (2006) – Diversity of Russulaceae in the Vihorlatské vrchy Mts. (Slovakia). Czech Mycol. 58 (1-2): 43-66.

[Check-lists from 9 different localities in the Vihorlatské vrchy Mts. (Slovakia) in the years 2001-2003. Lactarius romagnesii, Russula odorata, R. sericatula, R. zvarae are new records for Slovakia. Brief notes are given about Lactarius fulvissimus, L. tabidus, Russula decipiens, L. flavidus, R. brunneoviolacea, R. veternosa, R. violacea, L. lacunarum, L. pubescens, L. hysginus, R. medullata, R. illota, R. raoultii, R. solaris, R. pseudointegra, R. subfoetens, L. glaucescens, L. serifluus, R. faginea, R. graveolens, R. pectinatoides, R. pseudoromellii, R. risigallina, R. poikilochroa [cfr.].]

Adamcík, S. & Knudsen, H. (2004) – Red-capped species of Russula sect. Xerampelinae associated with dwarf scrub. Mycol. Res. [IPNI] 108 (12): 1463-1475.