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Ursula Eberhardt

Ursula Eberhardt

Ursula Eberhardt

SLU, Department of Forest Mycology & Pathology
P.O. Box 7026
SE-750 07 Uppsala

Ursula (b. 1966) became familiar with the Russulaceae through their ectomycorrhizae. Part of her PhD (2000, from Tübingen University) was about the identification of Russula and Lactarius mycorrhizae from sequence data. Since then she has been working on molecular kinship analyses of European and tropical Russulaceae. As another result of her PhD, Ursula has developed a predilection for mushroom hunting for Russula and Lactarius fruitbodies.

At present, Ursula is working at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. She is involved in the Swedish Species Project being responsible for the Russulaceae. She also contributes to an internet-based sequence database UNITE for the identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi.

Recent publications dealing with Russulales

Adamcík, S., Slovák, M., Eberhardt, U., Roniker, A., Jairus, T., Hampe, F. & Verbeken, A. (2016) – Molecular inference, multivariate morphometrics and ecological assessment are applied in concert to delimit species in the Russula clavipes complex. Mycologia [IPNI] 108 (4): 716-730.

Buyck, B., Hofstetter, V., Eberhardt, U., Verbeken, A. & Kauff, F. (2008) – Walking the thin line between Russula and Lactarius: the dilemma of Russula subsect. Ochricompactae. Fung. Diversity [IPNI] 28: 15-40.

[Four phylogenetically distinct clades are identified within Russulaceae. The authors demonstrate that one group of species, presently classified by several modern authors as subsection Ochricompactae within Russula subgenus Compacta, corresponds to a monophyletic entity that includes typical species of both Russula and Lactarius; this group is described as Multifurca, gen. nov., including M. ochricompacta (= R. ochricompacta), M. furcata (= L. furcatus), M. zonaria (= R. zonaria), M. aurantiophylla (= R. aurantiophylla), M. roxburghiae, sp. nov. (= Russula grossa ss. Bills & Pegler).]

Buyck, B., Verbeken, A. & Eberhardt, U. (2007) – The genus Lactarius in Madagascar. Mycol. Res. [IPNI] 111: 787-798.

[Modern description and detailed illustrations of the microscopic characters are given for Lactarius annulatoangustifolius, L. pelliculatus, L. madagascariensis, sp. nov., L. rubroviolascens, L. phlebophyllus, L. nodosicystidiatus, sp. nov., L. aurantiifolius, L. gymnocarpoides.]

Eberhardt, U. (2005) – Molekylära studier i familjen Russulaceae. Svensk Mykologisk Tidskrift 26 (1): 16-21.

[Observations on Russula fennoscandica, R. lutea, R. risigallina, R. postiana, R. ravida, R. sericatula, R. cremeoavellanea, Lactarius fennoscandicus, L. deterrimus, L. torminosulus, L. torminosus, and notes on the systematics of the two genera.]

Eberhardt, U. & Verbeken, A. (2004) – Sequestrate Lactarius species from tropical Africa: L. angiocarpus sp. nov. and L. dolichocaulis comb. nov. Mycol. Res. [IPNI] 108: 1042-1052.