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Russula fuscovinacea J.E. Lange
Fl. agaric. danic. 4: 64. 1940.

Russula atropurpurea var. fuscovinacea (J.E. Lange) Reumaux
Russules rares ou méconnues: 281. 1996.

Original diagnosis

Medium to rather small. Cap about 6 cm, dull vinaceous purple, centre either dark, somewhat fuscous, or faded (clay-brownish or pallid); edge even. Gills narrow, rather crowded, whitish. Stem at first white, firm, but soon becoming reticulately veined and livid-grayish, inside and outside, especially in wet weather. Flesh inodorous and almost without any taste. Spore-print pure white.
Spore oval-spheric, 8 × 6 1/2 µ, minutely prickly. Cuticular cystidia numerous, elongated clavate, about 6 µ broad; hyphae 2-3 µ broad. - Spores (from later find) sub immers. slightly smaller, with indistinct, minute lines between the prickles.
Not common. Met in open, grassy localities in frondose copses (1913-1938).


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