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Russula earlei Peck
Bull. New York State Mus. Nat. Hist. 67: 24. 1903.

Original diagnosis

Russula earlei n. sp.
PLATE N, FIG. 5-10
Pileus fleshy, firm, hemispheric, becoming broadly convex or nearly plane, sometimes centrally depressed, glabrous, very viscid, the margin even when young but sometimes rimose and uneven when old, stramineous, becoming paler with age, flesh whitish or yellowish, taste mild; lamellae thick, distant, adnate, with a few intermediate short ones near the margin, whitish becoming yellowish; stem short, firm, equal or nearly so, solid, becoming spongy within, white; spores white, subglobose, .0002–.00024 of an inch broad.
Pileus 1.5–2.5 inches broad; stem 1–1.5 inches long, 3–5 lines thick. Among fallen leaves in woods. Port Jefferson. August. The spores of this species are unusually small for the genus. This character, with the pale glutinous pileus and distant lamellae, marks the species as very distinct. I take pleasure in dedicating it to its discoverer, Professor F. S. Earle.


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