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Russula luteotacta Rea
Trans. Worcestershire Naturalists' Club 1: 416. 1897.

Original diagnosis

R. luteotacta. Rea. Pileus spongy, solid and firm, hemispherical, 3 1/2 c. m. across, slightly umbonate, scarlet, becoming whitish at the margin, ruguloso-rivulose, margin striate. Flesh white, reddish under the pellicle, very thin at the margin and disappearing 2 m. m. short thereof, tinging yellowish when bruised or eaten by slugs. Stem spongily stuffed, 4 x 1 c. m. equal, attenuated slightly at the base, white, when injured yellowish, rugulose. Gills, broadest in front, attenuated behind, all furcate from the base, rarely any intermediate gills, very light straw, when wounded turning yellow, adnate. Taste of flesh acrid, of gills very acrid. Spores white granular 6-7 m. m. m.


Information not available

Nomenclatural notes

  1. The name was originally published in the Transactions of the Worcestershire Naturalists' Club in 1897, not in British Basidiomycetae (1922) as frequently reported.




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