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Russula pectinatoides Peck
New York St. Mus. Bull. 116: 43. 1907.

Russula consobrina var. pectinatoides (Peck) Singer
Hedwigia 66: 205. 1926.

Russula pectinata subsp. pectinatoides (Peck) Bohus & Babos
(nom. inval.)
Ann. Hist.-Nat. Mus. Natl. Hung. 52: 140. 1960.

Original diagnosis

Pileus thin, broadly convex becoming nearly plane or centrally depressed, viscid when moist, widely tuberculose striate on the margin, dingy straw color, brownish, yellowish brown or cinereus brown, sometimes darker in the center, flesh white, grayish white under the separable pellicle, taste mild or slightly and tardily acrid; lamellae thin, equal or with an occasional short one, some forked at the base, adnate, white becoming pallid; stem equal or nearly so, even, glabrous, spongy within, white; spores whitish, subglobose, 00025-0003 of an inch long. Grassy ground in groves and woods. Its cap is 1-3 inches broad; its stem is 1-2 inches long and 3-4 lines thick. It appears in July and August. It is edible but not very highly flavored.


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