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Russula pulchra Burl.
Mycologia 10 (2): 95. 1918.

Original diagnosis

Russula pulchra sp. nov.

Pileus convex, becoming plane to slightly depressed in the center, up to 8 cm. broad; surface Nopal-red on the margin, scarlet-red next and scarlet on the disk, or peach-red except on the margin, viscid when wet with pellicle separable on the margin, pruinose for some time, all except the disk becoming areolate with age; margin tulberculate-striate, inrolled; context white, mild, without special odor; lamellae white, equal, margin entire, fork ing next the stipe, venose-connected, broadest next the margin, adnate, thin, subdistant; stipe white, inclined to be pointed at the base, spongy-stuffed to hollow, glabrous, rugulose, up to 7 cm. × 2 cm.; spores cream-white, ellipsoid to egg-shaped, echinulate, uniguttulate, 8.7–10 × 7.5 µ.


Holotypus: -
North America: United States: Massachusetts: Stow
In swamp, gregarious




SEM photos