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Russula pulverulenta Peck
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 29: 70. 1902.

Original diagnosis

Pileus rather thin, convex, soon centrally depressed or subumbilicate, even on the margin, pulverulent or scurfy, grayish-brown; flesh white, taste disagreeable, odor fetid; lamellae moderately close, adnate, white, the interspaces veiny; stem subequal, thickly beset with yellow dots or granules, white at the top, pallid below; spores globose, 8 µ in diameter.
Pileus 3–5 cm. broad; stem 3–4 cm. long, 8–10 mm. thick.
Woods. Michigan. July. B. O. Longyear.
The relationship of this species is apparently with R. foetens and R. granulata, from both of which it is very distinct by the yellow pulverulence of the pileus and stem and by the even margin of the pileus.


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Nomenclatural notes

  1. A holotype could not be located.




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