Giacomo Bresadola

Iconographia Mycologica

edited by G.B. Traverso (Milano), L. Fenaroli (Milano), G. Catoni (Trento), G.B. Trener (Trento)

Milan, 1927-1933. 26 volumes.

Digital edition by
the Gruppo Micologico «G. Bresadola»

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The “Iconographia Mycologica” is the most famous work by Italian mycologist Giacomo Bresadola. It is the sum of a lifelong mycological study. Published between 1927 and 1933 under the supervision of G.B. Traverso, L. Fenaroli, G. Catoni and G.B. Trener (with some addenda by other authors published in the following decades), it includes 1250 colour plates, which depict approximately 1400 fungal species, mainly Italian but from other countries as well. Original editions are rare; the 1981-1982 reprint is no longer in print.

We are proud of this digital version of this outstanding work. It is based on an original edition pub-lished more than seventy years ago. We hope that this digital edition will be useful to mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts and that it will bring renewed attention to the masterpiece of the father of Italian mycology.

Usage guidelines

Giacomo Bresadola’s “Iconographia Mycologica” is in the public domain as it is more than 70 years since the author’s death. The Gruppo Micologico «G. Bresadola» of Trento is able offer free access to this digital edition thanks to the work of volunteers Giuseppe Motta and Marco Floriani and the collaboration of the Museo delle Scienze of Trento, which hosts the web-site of the society.

Our aim, with this initiative, is to help all mycologists and mushroom enthusiasts for whom this work is not easily accessible. To those who find this work useful or interesting we ask only two things:

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