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edited by Marco Cantonati, Ermanno Bertuzzi and Daniele Spitale

The spring habitat: biota and sampling methods

350 p.

edito da: MTSN

Monografie del Museo tridentino di scienze naturali

€ 16,00

The present volume discusses methodologies to study springs. The main threat to springs, as natural environments, is their exploitation to obtain potable water or for other human uses. In spite of this situation, spring habitats (in contrast to larger watercourses and lakes) are still poorly or not at all considered by European Directives, and national and local environmental legislation. The CRENODAT Project, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento, has among its main objectives to explore and thoroughly document the biological relevance of these environments, and to produce the fundamental knowledge needed to develop evaluation tools and systems useful to minimise damages (e.g. decrease in ecological value of springs), related to the unavoidable increasing necessity of using springs as a drinking water resource.


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